Audrey Marija Waleyko is a Lithuanian-American Photographer, Writer, and Artist with a B.A. in Philosophy specializing in Surrealist, Portrait, Landscape, Special Effects, and Conceptual Film. She grew up in Bedford, Massachusetts and spent her summers in Vermont before moving to  Malibu, California for 5 years and now lives in Park City, Utah.

From an early age, she developed a penchant for the arts--playing piano, trumpet, and electric bass before transitioning to acoustic guitar. She spent a decade as a figure skater and 13 years as a dancer with choreography focused on jazz, ballet, tap, and modern dance. She further combined that aesthetic passion for art with a drive fueled by years of competitive long distance running, soccer, snowboarding, and hiking.

In college, she majored in Philosophy and worked in the University Theatre Department in Set Design and Scenic Carpentry in addition to serving in the Theater Crew for live performances to gain further experience in the Arts. Around the same time, she began a new found passion for photography and capturing the beauty of the natural world during a mission trip to Puerto Rico while volunteering at a Sustainable Rainforest Project in Patillas. There, she found inspiration in the sacred realm of nature's wonder and began capturing it on film upon returning to California. 

She later interned as a Photographer, Videographer, and Media/Event Intern for Branded Arts, a street art brand commissioning murals and large scale exhibitions and events in Los Angeles. She continued to pursue PR and Assistant work on the side while working in Childcare and as an Academic and College Preparatory Tutor in Malibu, Topanga Canyon, and Beverly Hills, California.


Graduating college a week before her 21st birthday, she was inspired by the Beat Generation to spend some time on the road to explore the country and document the experiences on camera before settling in Malibu as a home base from which to travel. In the time she spent in Southern California, she taught herself how to shoot photography and film on dozens of different cameras and formats.

In the interim, she traveled to over 40 of the 50 US States in a Toyota Corolla, writing and shooting on the road during breaks from work. The past few years brought her between her home in Malibu on 20 acres with the backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and on long distance road trips and hikes to scenic locations all across the United States--including a total of six 3,000 mile cross-country drives.

Her goal is to find beauty in every moment and capture it to share with the world, as well as to work with others to help them achieve their own personal visions and dreams. She strives to highlight the magnificence of the natural world in a constant process of transformative becoming and changing through the art of film and music, translating visions into memories along the way.







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